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Melissa Chivers

How Melissa Can Help: Melissa helps her clients to solve a problem they are experiencing physically; whether that be pain, infertility, stress or something that is stopping them from living their life the way they want to. Acupuncture achieves this by removing blockages and bringing the body back to a place of balance. This is where the body will be in the best position to change. Acupuncture sedates the central nervous system allowing the body to switch into a state of ‘rest and digest’. This is the place where healing…... read more

Angela Tonkin

How Ang Can Help: When working with Ang one to one you will learn to connect with yourself on a deeper level to be able to understand your emotions and behaviours. This will help you to have clarity when feeling “stuck”, “overwhelmed” or unsure about why you can’t seem to create the change you desire in your life.   In Ang’s Sessions You Will; Feel supported Learn to connect with yourself and your deepest desires Understand your emotions and how to express them effectively Manage and/or prevent anxiety, stress and…... read more

Prue Proctor

How Prue Can Help: Prue helps clients to explore who they are beyond the identity of mind and body to live a life of purpose, meaning and freedom. In her experience teaching and treating Prue started to recognise that we are all fundamentally seeking the same four experiences; to be free, to be loved, to belong (connection) and to be safe. Through the various therapeutic tools and programs that Prue offers she will help you explore what matters most in your relationships, lifestyle, health, spiritual connection and service to reshape…... read more

Barbara Bevilacqua

How Barbara Can Help: People come to see Barbara when they are living in a compromised state of health which is impacting their quality of life. The goal is therefore to change the conditions within the body in order to prevent the pathogenesis of disease and increase quality of life. An example may be a client who is not sleeping well and experiencing fatigue and mood disturbance. They may come to her seeking herbal intervention, with the goal being to induce sleep and for the client to wake refreshed and…... read more

Emma Berry

How Emma Can Help: Emma is passionate about treating children, women’s health, pregnancy & postpartum related complaints, pelvic pain, jaw problems and chronic pain. Having lived with endometriosis and chronic pain for many years herself, this is an area that she is particularly passionate about as she understands the enormous impact that a chronic health condition can have on multiple aspects of one’s  life.   In Emma’s Sessions You Will; Identify and understand your personal health concerns and goals Receive treatment and advice specifically tailored to patient’s individual needs within…... read more

Cine Holland

How Cine Can Help: Cine is a heart-conscious Intuitive Empath. Her offerings include – Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Shadow work & Trauma Release Therapy. She uses a body-centered approach – inviting her Clients to surrender deeply, suspend the ego, strip away all false identities, embrace their darkest shadows and feel a full range of emotions – so that they can enter into shameless self-admission and courageous self-reflection. This becomes the foundation for the unfoldment of deep healing, in which they can achieve embodied presence and experience the fullness of who they are,…... read more

Tanya Hodgkinson

How Tanya Can Help: Tanya helps her clients get clear on what they desire, by identifying core beliefs that are contributing to their current state of suffering. Her clients seek connection with themselves and support from the universe through practical methods, invited guidance, spiritual practice and quick daily changes that can be incorporated to develop intuition and open up to universal guidance. By reframing beliefs to support the wellbeing of her clients and transform stress into freedom Tanya uses a combination of tools and modalities including; PSYCH-K, channeling, energy work.…... read more

Paul D’Ambrosio

How Paul Can Help: As a holistic health and lifestyle coach Paul’s aim is to build a strong foundation for each person to confidently explore and express themselves, and at the same time provide as much opportunity for you to learn and understand the fundamental health principles through application and experience, so that long-term you live healthier, happier lives. He believes this will create an inspiring ripple effect, especially amongst those they love and connect most with.    Paul helps clients to increase and improve energy and vitality, decrease stress…... read more

Brooke Martin

How Brooke Can Help: Brooke supports women and their partners navigate the many choices that pregnancy and birthing create. The one to one coaching gives clients access to a professional who has years of experience within the birthing world and has a wealth of knowledge to share giving the client practical tools to implement straight away without the stress of having to find the information themselves.    In Brooke’s Sessions You Will; Be guided and supported with correct information so that your pregnancy is a wonderful and empowering experience Explore solutions…... read more

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