We hope you are all keeping well under the circumstances that have presented themselves over the last weeks. With so many being affected in various ways health and financial predominantly it’s at this time compassion and kindness are required.

We all have our own personal story coupled with those around us, all varying in severity however the one thing we can share is some space from the media, talking about it and the worry of uncertainty (even if for 60min).

Having sat with how we could help at this time, it seemed appropriate to offer what she felt would be of most support; to breath, to reduce stress in the body and mind and send light.

So please join Prue Proctor founder of the Zen and owner of Wisdom & Prudence therapies for an hour online class where she will guide you in the comfort of your home to a place of ‘inner calm space’ through breath, guided visualisation meditation and Reiki healing. This is a by donation offering where all proceeds go directly back to the Zen to help support the running costs whilst we can’t operate.

If you are unable to donate at this time due to personal circumstances then you will see the ticket option to ‘pay it forward’ that means at some stage you too will offer 60min of your skill/time to another down the line. You will see the other donation options range from $5, $10 & $20.

COST: By Donation – You will see the other donation options range from $0, $5, $10 & $20

To Prepare;

Space: Find a comfortable space you can lie down uninterrupted in the home, set the lighting to dim or turned off maybe playing candles and incense.

Wear: Please wear comfortable clothing, warm socks and blanket for warmth where needed.

Receiving Meditation & Reiki: Prue will be sending through a zoom link for people to join the class on the day, you don’t usually have to download zoom however if you are on your phone it may ask you to download the app so please have this ready. To connect just click on the link and it will open in your server or on app. There is no need to have your video on so please keep it turned off and I will have all microphones muted when joining.

Please be on time: When you go to join you will see a message advising “waiting for host to start” please wait and she will join at 7.30pm and begin right on time as you will not receive access after 7.40pm which gives 10min grace for circumstances.

Recording: A recording of the meditation will be available and sent through to listen at another time also.