Vedic meditation teacher and Creative Advisor, Rachael Sardelich will joining us at the Zen Collective to share the art of Vedic meditation and hold fortnightly group meditation sessions open to students of all meditation styles to gather.

Through a beautiful meandering journey of travel, healing and self-enquiry, Rachael’s commitment to holistic wellness began almost a decade before her heart’s calling to be a Vedic Meditation teacher and Creative Advisor. It was with the guidance of her own teacher that she experienced the positive and undeniable effects of the Vedic practice and fell deeply in tune with the purest version of herself. This new knowing was so powerful, Rachael felt naturally compelled to extend its benefits beyond her own awakening and share it with others.

With an extensive career in the creative industries, most recently music management, she knew there was a place for this practice and it’s efficacious tools to support creativity and bring colour back into the world of art as she knew it.

Now, more than ever we are in crucial need of this effortless and essential life skill, which rejuvenates and re-calibrates the entire system and hope this fortnightly free gathering will support this.