Discounted Events

Receive up to 30% off paid events and invites to exclusive free members only workshops.

Holistic Therapies

Members have access to our subsidised holistic therapies priced between $30 - $70 a session. We encourage continuity of care and hope our accessible services give you the opportunity to experience a treatment plan that will benefit your wellbeing.

Partner Program

Receive extra benefits from our program partners. There are many therapies and services that we can't hold at The Zen due to the availability and equipment needed so we have partnered with health and wellbeing businesses that already provide these and offer our members benefits.

Our Membership

Our community membership gives you the opportunity to give back to The Zen and benefit from accessing affordable holistic care. Our community membership can be purchased by anyone and if you have children under 18 years they will automatically receive the benefits under your membership for no additional cost, you will just need to register them via email so we can add them to your account.

All membership fees go to funding our subsidised programs, therapies and campaigns which are making a difference to the wellbeing of our community which includes you.

We endeavour to grow the benefits and support we provide so your feedback and/or suggestions are always welcomed because without YOU there is no US.

$99 p/yr

Community Membership

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