Our Vision

That everyone has access to holistic care in a time of need.

Our Mission

To provide accessible Holistic Care Services, Complementary Therapies, Educational Programs and Courses to the community in a time of need.

Our Causes

Our holistic wellbeing programs provide continuity of care to those that can't afford the support they need at a time it is often needed the most. To learn more about the submission process and the causes we are currently supporting visit here.

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Holistic Care When You Need It

The Zen Organisation Incorporated is an association dedicated to providing accessible and subsidised holistic care programs, therapies and educational courses that aim to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the community.

By providing these affordable services we give you an opportunity to: explore what practices will work for you, learn how to integrate holistic care into your life and/or existing care plan (whether that be conventional or alternative), experience the benefits of continuity of care and most importantly educate yourself about your own wellbeing choices.

holistic care for mental health

Having a sense of belonging and meaningfulness is fundamental to our overall wellbeing. The Zen provides a safe and nurturing space where the community can come to gather, learn, share and grow.

Build a network of trusted holistic care providers that are dedicated to helping you create long term sustainable change. Through our programs, courses and therapies

holistic care for pre and post natal

Education and personal development are two of our key objectives at The Zen. We help the community explore who they are, how the health of the body, mind and spirit impact the quality of your living and why informed choices are empowered choices.

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Our Team & Volunteers

They say it takes a village to raise a child and we couldn’t nurture The Zen without the love and support of these villagers! Each person that offers their time, energy and expertise contribute to keeping the doors open, the programs running and the community being able to access holistic care when they need it. We are always looking for program partners, sponsors and volunteers so to learn more visit here.